Reflection Exercise: “Should I END this relationship?” – Relationship Advice

Wondering if you should end this friendship? Or break up with your romantic love partner? Or stop seeing your parents? In this mental reflection exercise (a lot like a guided meditation) you’ll find out whether it’s a good idea to make the decision to end the relationship / break up.


Exercise: When to end a relationship?

This exercise is meant to help you make a good decision about whether to end a certain relationship or not. And this relationship can be for example a friendship, romantic love relationship, or even a family relationship because even if it’s your mother you can choose to end that relationship too.

Sit comfortably and for optimal concentration please close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in to center yourself. And on your exhalation relax all your muscles a little bit more.

Think of a relationship that you maybe want to end.

What is your feeling on the moment when you think of that relationship?

Are you still in that relationship for one or more of the following reasons: children, financial security, emotional security, not wanting to hurt the other person, the length of the relationship, and your prediction about whether you can find a replacement relationship or not? … We have discussed in the lesson why these reasons are non-factors. Can you see that you don’t necessarily have to stay for any of these factors? … Are you holding any other reasons for staying? … Use your heart and logic, ask yourself: is this really a good reason to stay?

Are you thinking about leaving for one or more of the following reasons: major incompatibilities, infidelity, a consent violation, resentment, them not changing or compromising for you, the fact that you can’t live together, the fact that you have different plans for the future? … As discussed in the lesson all of those reasons don’t necessarily require you to leave. Can you see that? … Are you holding any other reasons for leaving? … Use your heart and logic, ask yourself: is this really a good reason to leave?

We also discussed some good reasons to immediately end a relationship. Check with yourself if the following is true for your relationship: there is abuse, the other person is not respecting you, a deal breaker got broken, and there is zero upside to remaining in the relationship. … If one or more of those reasons are present, it’s a good idea to end the relationship.

Otherwise, think for a moment about the alternatives to ending or staying: how would it be for you to take a break or renegotiate or downgrade the relationship instead? Could that have some benefit for you?

Imagine for a moment that you’re fearless and that you know precisely what you want. Visualize yourself going to this person and telling them exactly what you would like to change, regardless of how they will react to it.
… And know that: yes, you can do this!

So take a moment right now to feel what you want to decide … and if possible, make the decision now.


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